gnupg: request for small change in output at at
Sun Oct 5 10:36:01 CEST 2003

2003-10-04 07:13 -0400, Jeff McAdams wrote:
> 8 digits of 0-9/A-F is not a reliable indication of a key ID (maybe
> within gpg it is, but not in the overall), because that includes the
> possibility of 8 digits of just 0-9, which could be a decimal number,
> not hexidecimal, or 8 digits of 0-7, which could be an octal number,
> not hexadecimal.  These prefixes are nearly universally used for a
> reason, to disambiguate the display of these types of numbers.

For a reliable indication of a key ID you can use `--with-colons' :-)
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