Максим Зиналь Zlat0 at
Mon Oct 13 21:55:36 CEST 2003

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 05:42:00 +0200, nnposter  said:
>>patch would modify this behavior so that the Win32 port also tries
>>variable GNUPGHOME first and then falls back on the registry key only if
>>the variable is not set.
> I am not opposed to such a change for 1.3.  However, a long time ago
> it was suggested that the registry is the way to go under
> Windows. Thus, I'd like to hear some other comments first.

IMHO this is a good idea. There is nothing bad in using
environment vairables under Win32 (in fact, many MS programs
require the user to set their settings in that way - for
example, development tools from Visual Studio).

Thank you,
   Max Zinal.

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