GnuPG binaries with IDEA

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Mon Sep 8 18:46:02 CEST 2003

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Quoting Werner Koch <wk at>:

> On Tue, 26 Aug 2003 09:28:42 -0400, David Shaw said:
> > I know about the Nullify release of GnuPG.  It's questionable whether
> > this is compliant with the GPL.
> It is released in violation of the GPL.  The trick with the IDEA
> module is there to workaround this license problems in the few
> countries where IDEA is not patented.  The GPL is about distribution
> and not about running a program, so using an already existing module
> is okay.  It is not okay to distribute it.

I can understand your complaint about compiling IDEA in the binary, but
how can distributing the IDEA cipher in DLL/module form be a violation of
the GPL?  Are you saying that if I distributed the DLL as a separate
download, that would make a difference?  At any rate, this is just being
pedantic.  Users of my binary can very easily delete the idea.dll and have
a non-patent encumbered version.  As a practical matter, when has Ascom
gone after any noncommercial or PGP implementation?

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