Problems with compatibility between GnuPG 1.2.2 and PGPTools 7.0.3

Michael Young mwy-gpg41 at
Thu Sep 11 17:46:02 CEST 2003

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> What happened here was a key was generated with GnuPG, then
> transferred over to PGP.  Naturally, the key has GnuPG prefs.  It is
> not GnuPG's job to prompt a user at key creation time "Do you plan on
> using your secret key with PGP at some point in the future?".  The
> proper solution given in the spec is for PGP to rewrite the
> preferences.  Any fix in GnuPG would be a band-aid for the real
> problem.

Obviously, I agree that rewriting the preferences is the best thing.

I was merely raising the possibility that the GnuPG user community
might be more interested in a default preference that is interoperable
with other prevalent systems than in one that performs slightly

> I've thought about doing a "pgpX" macro.  I'd rather that PGP did the
> right thing rather than load up GnuPG with these sort of hacks though.

It's already partially loaded.  There are command-line switches
that set these preferences, but they appear to work only for
encryption, not key generation or editing [in 1.2.1, anyway].

I'd be equally happy if --gen-key or --edit-key/updpref would use the
preferences from a --pgp7 (or similar) switch.  This would involve
no new switches or macros, but it would change behavior, so I knew
you might be reluctant to do that.

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