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Dico_ dico111 at voila.fr
Thu Sep 18 17:49:02 CEST 2003

Hi !

Working on GnuPG is the theme of my training period (more precisely on cryptography).

I had downloaded the sources of GnuPG 1.2.3 from www.gnupg.org and I have compiled it myself.
I implement a soft to mesure time of encryption.

So, ok, I stop telling you my life ^^

Using the key generation from a file, as described in the file "DETAILS" provided with the sources,
I specified a sym cipher to the parameter "Subkey-Type:" (Blowfish for instance)
and during key generation, a bug appears :

gpg: Ohhhh jeeee: ... c'est un bug (keygen.c:1457:do_create)
secmem usage: 1792/3200 bytes in 7/11 blocks of pool 3296/32768

Giving an other sym cipher algo instead of blowfish throws the same error.

(Ok, it's stupid to use a sym cipher algo ....But I believed until there, that gpg encrypted in sym and use asym cipher
  to encrypt the key of the sym)

So, I'd like have the confirmation :
   * key generation generate a key pair : one to encrypt, the other to sign, but the both using asym algo
   * sym algo are used just if we specify the command -c

Is it right ? I'd like to be really sure that using a gpg key, I encrypt/decrypt ONLY with a asym algo.

Thanx for your answer. 

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