[pgp-keyserver-folk] keyids in signatures getting corrupted, GPG and/or Debian problem?

John Belmonte john at neggie.net
Fri Apr 9 18:02:42 CEST 2004

Jason Harris wrote:
> The bogus packet could have been generated at any time after the good
> signature from 2003-12-06 was made available (to anyone else), but it
> doesn't seem to have been submitted to a keyserver by you.
> Yaron, will you inquire about the log(s) for keyserver.bu.edu?
> It seems like someone submitted the bogus packet via HKP to bu.edu
> about 10 minutes after John sent his Debian userid to mit.edu.

In that case, I suspect something in the Debian infrastructure.  I don't 
recall the timing, but it seems likely that after adding the debian ID 
to my key and uploading to mit.edu, the next thing I did was try to 
update my key on the Debian keyring.


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