HTTP proxy authentication / libcurl?

Matt Domsch matt at
Mon Apr 19 06:57:30 CEST 2004

I find I need to have gnupg handle HTTP proxy authentication.  I've
seen several other posters looking for similar functionality.

In trying to add HTTP proxy authentication to gnupg, I see that much
of the work is already being done by another application, curl, and
that its libcurl might be a reasonable mechanism to employ from within
gnupg to handle keyserver communication.  Thoughts?  It would be a
shame to have to re-implement the various proxy authentication
mechanisms that curl provides (Basic, GSS, NTLM) in gnupg.  At a
glance, the portions of gnupg that would be affected are
util/http.c:{http_open(),http_start_data(), http_wait_response(),
http_open_document(), and http_close()}, - all of which look like they
can be replaced by curl_easy_perform() with appropriate setup/cleanup
for the library itself.

Curl's license is the X11 license, thus GPL compatible, as of late 2002.

Or, is there another preferred mechanism to have gnupg communicate
with the keyservers over authenticating HTTP proxies?

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