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Andreas John ajgpgml at
Fri Aug 6 13:58:47 CEST 2004

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As I want to know as much about the keyring(s) as I can, I miss the effect of "--show-keyring" when listing keys "--with-colons" (interestingly: without --with-colons they even show up when listing all keys, although the still points out: No effect when listing all keys).
What's the status about this? Is this really intentional? And if so, why? If this was discussed elsewhere, please let me know where to look...

Another thing I noticed was, that "--list-secret-key --with-colons" includes the information about what a secret key is capable of (12. Field:  Key capabilities) if I give a list of keys I'm interrested in, but not when listing all keys.
I'm still wondering if this is intentional (also wondering why it should be by intention)...

Anyway, as I don't know if this is about to change or not, I tried a workaround using --fast-list-mode to extract all keyids and then request them from GPG by giving all the IDs at once at the commandline.
Okay, this seems to work... Right? Any problems I might fall into? (I'm cautious, as to not knowing if and why there might be an intention not to list these flags...)

Okay, being there I quickly copied that code and tried for public-key-listings (--list-sigs to be more specific) too.
As I have a huge keyring, I expected it to take longer than the normal --list-sigs (even with Fast-List-Mode :)) -- but eventually I might get the keyring-info I'd like to see (though I still don't get it, see above)...

The oddity was, that on my machine (Win98, GPG1.2.5) --fast-list-mode takes around 1 Second, --list-sigs with the whole KeyID-List as parameterlist for GPG took about 6 Seconds.
Whereas GPG took a bit more then 20 Seconds for listing all keys!
The output is both the same (around 0.5MB of ASCII-Data where diff shows no difference).
And it's more than twice as fast, even when I have to parse the fast-list-output and start GPG twice!!!
So what's the trick?


Version: GnuPG v1.2.5 (MingW32) - GPGrelay v0.953


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