OpenPGP headers

Simon Josefsson jas at
Tue Aug 10 10:56:59 CEST 2004

Christian Biere <cbiere at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> writes:

>> OpenPGP-KeyID: 0xB88D52E4D9F57808 (4096-RSA)
> 	OpenPGP-KeyID: id=0x12345678; algo=RSA; bits=4096

What purpose do the RSA/4096 information serve?  If this is purely for
human consumption, which I suspect, then placing it in a comment seem
actually better.  I'm not sure I see what an application could
usefully do with the algo/bits flags.  The header name seem confusing
if the header do contain non-keyid data, too.

Personally, I prefer Atom's original proposal.  It is simpler.  Just
gobble up all non-comment data in the header, remove any '0x' and
whitespace, and you have a 4/8/16 byte fingerprint.  On that theme, I
would propose to merge the OpenPGP: and OpenPGP-Fingerprint: headers,
just use OpenPGP: for all keyids/fingerprints.

Finally, I don't see why '0x' MUST be present.  I think it could be


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