signing a file using gnuPG libraries

Cyprien Simons cyprien.simons at
Mon Aug 16 16:24:46 CEST 2004


I'm trying to use the GnuPG libraries, and I encounter a problem in signing a 
file. I use read_passphrase_from_fd( int pwd_fd ) and then 
clearsign_file( ... ) to do the job. But somehow I get a "bad passphrase". 
I've checked if the password is correct and correctly read by the 
read_passphrase_from_fd() function, so I really don't understand where the 
problem is... I've discovered that the problem appear in the build_sklist() 
function: ( unlock && (rc = check_secret_key( sk, 0 )) ) return TRUE which 
leads to the "skipped 'nameofmykey': bad passphrase" message...

I don't know if this mailinglist is the good one for asking such a question. 
If not, sorry for the mail, and I'll be appreciating any redirection on 
another forum.

Thanks a lot for any help,


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