GPGME CVS branched

Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Tue Dec 7 19:54:58 CET 2004


I have just branched off the 1.0.x tree of GPGME to continue on 1.1.x,
or whatever it will become when it is ready.

No dramatic changes are expected for the 1.1.x tree, at least not in
the interfaces.  But some development is planned which is
destabilizing, so 1.0.x will be kept around for bug fixes only.  1.0.x
is basically backward compatible all the way down to 0.4.1 (with minor
glitches), and no API or ABI changes are scheduled for that branch.

For the time being, most people will want to stay with gpgme 1.0.x,
until the new development version has stabilized and 1.1.0 has been
released.  To do this, move to the gpgme-1-0-branch:

If you check out the source, do:

cvs checkout -r gpgme-1-0-branch gpgme -d -P

If you already have a checkout and want to move it to the branch:

cvs update -r gpgme-1-0-branch -d -P

If you don't do that, and just stay on the HEAD branch, you will get to see
all the new breakages and bugs ;)

If you want to move back from the branch to CVS HEAD:

cvs update -A -d -P


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