[Announce] Dirmngr 0.9.0 released

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Fri Dec 17 12:27:54 CET 2004


We are pleased to announce the availability of Dirmngr 0.9.0.

Dirmngr is a server for managing and downloading certificate
revocation lists (CRLs) for X.509 certificates and for downloading the
certificates themselves. Dirmngr also handles OCSP requests as an
alternative to CRLs. Dirmngr is either invoked internaly by gpgsm
(from gnupg 1.9) or when running as a system daemon through the
dirmngr-client tool.

Get it from:

 ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/dirmngr/dirmngr-0.9.0.tar.gz (555k)

or as a patch against the previous version:

 ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/dirmngr/dirmngr-0.5.6-0.9.0.diff.gz (180k)

SHA1 checkums are:

 05c8e2664c1d8ffe86270f331961f9a53f06d1e0  dirmngr-0.5.6-0.9.0.diff.gz
 46dc0704abb5320465c9176d0dcc5eeafc0880fe  dirmngr-0.9.0.tar.gz

Whats new in this release

 * New option --daemon to start dirmngr as a system daemon.  This
   switches to the use of different directories and also does
   CRL signing certificate validation on its own.

 * New tool dirmngr-client.

 * New options: --ldap-wrapper-program, --http-wrapper-program,
   --disable-ldap, --disable-http, --honor-http-proxy, --http-proxy,
   --ldap-proxy, --only-ldap-proxy, --ignore-ldap-dp and

 * Uses an external ldap wrapper to cope with timeouts and general
   LDAP problems.

 * SIGHUP may be used to reread the configuration and to flush the
   certificate cache.

 * An authorithyKeyIdentifier in a CRL is now handled correctly.

We have changed quite a lot with this release so if you encounter
build or runtime problems please report.  Be sure to have read the
manual before you do so.  The LDAP detection code in configure as been
repalced by the one used in GnuPG.  Given the larger user base of
GnuPG that code is likely more portable

Happy Hacking,


Werner Koch                                      <wk at gnupg.org>
The GnuPG Experts                                http://g10code.com
Free Software Foundation Europe                  http://fsfeurope.org
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