Help test new HTTP/FTP code

David Shaw dshaw at
Wed Dec 22 22:14:06 CET 2004

Hi folks,

For various reasons, we are exploring using libcurl for HTTP and FTP
access within GnuPG (specifically the gpgkeys_xxxx programs).  This is
still at the evaluation stage, and is not a done deal yet.

For those people who are occasionally tracking CVS, I would very much
appreciate it if you could sync up to today's checkins and give the
new code a whirl.  Note that using libcurl is not the default
behavior, and requires a "--with-libcurl" argument to ./configure to
turn it on.

Note that when enabled, libcurl is only used for HTTP and FTP access,
and not HKP.  This pretty much restricts it to fetching a key from a
http:// or ftp:// preferred keyserver URL on a key or in a signature.

Things I'm looking for are:

1) Build problems.  Does it not build on your platform (if so, what is
   the platform and what version of libcurl do you have?)

2) Functionality problems.  Does it act funny or not do what you

3) Other comments.



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