Can gpg -e be fast enough for backup on DV tapes?

Sven.Hartrumpf at Sven.Hartrumpf at
Mon Dec 27 09:06:25 CET 2004

Hi all.

I do backups along the following line:

star ... | rsbep ... | dvbackup --prefix=125 |dvconnect -s

(star is a better tar;
rsbep adds redundancy to cope with tape errors;
dvbackup allows to use digital video tapes (in your camcorder)
as backup media).

Very nice solution so far. But if I add "gpg -e" before rsbep
pipes break probably because "gpg -e" is too slow to maintain the
required speed (Firewire speed).

How can I solve this problem?
(I'm using gnupg 1.4.0 on a 1.6Mhz machine.)

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