Q: howto check if gpg is doing a update-trustdb?

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at arcor.de
Thu Feb 19 11:05:05 CET 2004

Is there a way to check if gpg is currently performing an update of the  
trust database, either triggered automatically or by explicitly running it  
with --update-trustdb? The preferred way for me would of course be asking  
through gpgme, but a "direct access" would be also ok.

The background of this question: A user of the mua balsa for which I  
hacked gpg(me) support complained that when checking a message with  
signature for which the key is not yet in the key ring, gpg tries to load  
the key and updates the database, which takes up to 15 minutes for him.  
During this time gpg is unavailable, so balsa simply stalls. Therefore, I  
would like to check if gpg is available before launching this operation.  
IMHO, using the async routines from gpgme (gpgme_op_*_start) is not a real  
alternative as (a) the user wants to get some feedback immediately and (b)  
completing operations later is quite complicated, e.g. when you think of  
remote mailboxes which are not always available (imap). If  
gpgme_op_*_start() would return with an error like e.g. GPGME_TRY_AGAIN in  
this case, it would be an alternative, though.

Thanks in advance,


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