Again: gpgsm and gpgme?

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Jan 11 12:40:16 CET 2004

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004 19:51:16 +0100, Albrecht Dreß said:

> I meanwhile ran the application in gdb/ddd, and I think I could identify  
> the problem... The "invalid engine" error comes from gpgme 0.4.3, file  
> gpgme/verify.c, routine parse_valid_sig() (line 237 ff.).

Argh; my fault.  Somehow I assumed we did a gpgme release recently but
that is not the case.  Support for the new timestamp format went into
gpgme on Oct 31 but 0.4.3 was released on Oct 6 :-(.

We do a new release tomorrow; in the meantime please use the CVS
version or apply the attached patch.


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