--digest-algo (feature request)

Atom 'Smasher' atom at suspicious.org
Thu Jul 15 07:42:52 CEST 2004

Hash: SHA1

if i set "digest-algo" to "SHA256" and try to sign something with a DSS 
key, it fails (after typing a password, which makes it even more 

should signing with a DSS key ignore --digest-algo (and always use SHA1)??

is there (or should there be) a better way to match larger hashes with 
larger (non-DSS) signing keys?

if i have a 4096 RSA primary key and a DSS subkey (oh, wait a minute, i 
*do* have that ;) should there be a way to specify (in the configuration 
file) that i want to use a larger hash if i'm signing with my 4096 RSA 
key, while not causing problems for my DSS key?

what if i generate a 2048 RSA signing subkey... let's say i want to 
specify (in my config) that i want to use SHA-512 if i'm signing something 
with my 4096 key; and SHA-256 if i'm signing something with a 2048 key... 
and of course, DSS still needs SHA-1.


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