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On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Thomas Schorpp wrote:

> and yes, you ask what you know already, humans would like to have color
> steps grouped to similar hex steps:
> ...
> |     1    Red
> |     2    Bright Red
> ...
> but i fear what makes real sense as requirement here is more to
> cryptographics science than ergonomics and coding...

with only 16 colors to deal with, ergonomics can take priority over ease 
of coding. if it doesn't work well ergonomically, then it won't provide a 
security benefit.

the real question should be, "does it make a difference how we relate hex 
digits to colors?"

assuming a more-or-less random distribution of hex digits throughout a 
fingerprint, and the foreseeable use of holding two instances of a color 
bar next to each other for comparison, does it make any difference (in an 
ergonomic sense) what hex digit corresponds to what color?

intuitively, i'd say that it doesn't make a difference... but someone with 
a degree in ergonomics may have a great reason for using a particular 

does anyone here know anyone with a degree in ergonomics?


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