Problems with interpolibility between GnuPG and PGP when using SHA384-SHA512 hashes

David Shaw dshaw at
Fri Jun 18 04:10:40 CEST 2004

On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 05:34:58PM -0600, Joe Vender wrote:
> On 17 Jun 2004 at 14:55, David Shaw wrote:
> > Without any other information (I keep meaning to ask the PGP folks
> > about it), I am assuming that just because the SDK supports SHA-512, and
> > PGP 8 uses that SDK, doesn't necessarily mean that PGP 8 supports
> > SHA-512 as well.
> Yes, I wondered the same thing. Maybe, PGP 8 just isn't build with the 
> support for 384 & 512 even though the SDK supports it. I sent Will 
> Price an email this morning asking about it, but haven't heard back 
> from him yet. I'll post his response if any relevant info is given.

You might ask on the pgp-users list as well.  A number of people there
work at, and/or have access to the PGP sdk source code
(something which I'm reluctant to look at for obvious reasons).

Note, by the way, that while the sdk datasheet does claim SHA-512 as a
supported hash, the PGP 8 datasheet does not.


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