[BUG] gpgme_data_new_from_filepart() broken since gpgme 0.4.5

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at arcor.de
Wed Mar 24 21:22:01 CET 2004

Am 23.03.04 00:34 schrieb(en) Marcus Brinkmann:
> > Irregardless of their idea what the right thing to do is wrt library
> > interfaces for LFS, they certainly get one thing right: That LFS is
> > enabled.  So, if this is consistently done in all Gtk and Gnome
[snip verbose & extremely useful explanation]

Thanks a lot for this information... I'll try to compile balsa with LFS  
and see what happens. A quick grep through the Gnome 2.4 includes shows  
that apparently only audiofile and (non-standard) gmime use off_t - with  
the latter one being the backend for the next balsa release. I didn't look  
through the sources, but e.g. gnome-vfs might be a candidate for "hidden"  
use of it.

I guess we'll have to enable LFS at least for gmime, I'll check that with  
the developers. Hopefully, compiling gmime with LFS will not break other  
apps like Evo... Welcome to the real world!!

Thanks again,


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