your gnupg patches

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Mar 28 17:38:48 CEST 2004

Hi Tom,

I have heard about your complaints from a third party and like to
comment on that.

I have once heard about your project on the former coderpunks list but
I am not aware about any posting send to me.  If you send something to
the webmasters, they will probably have asked you to send it to
gnupg-devel at  Given that you are not subscribed there it
might have happen that your message was accidently not approved -
given the current percentage of spam we receive and the bugs in
Mailman, this is very likely.

However, the AUTHORS files tells you the address of the maintainer 

 Program: GnuPG
 Maintainer:  Werner Koch <wk at>
 Bug reports: bug-gnupg at
 Security related bug reports: security at

and I can't remember that I recently received a message by you (modulo
accidently spam filtering) or noticed one to the bug list.

Regarding your patches: I have not seen them and I would be reluctant
to add them to the stable branch if they do not address serious
problems.  They might be useful for Libgcrypt, though.

Even if I'd like to add them, I have to ask you for a copyright
assignment to the FSF - this is what core GNU software always requires.
I am not so sure whether you would sign this given the quote from your
website "Normally I release all of my work under a public domain
license but in this case you guys can have it for yer silly GPL-2 ;-)"
- you know that there is no public domain in many countries before 70
years after the death of the author.

Nevertheless, would you mind to describe what you mean by

  "I changed out some questionable load/store code with portable



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