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Atom 'Smasher' atom at suspicious.org
Tue May 11 04:35:30 CEST 2004

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i'm not subscribed to devel, so please CC me on any responses. (i have
tried twice to subscribe, maybe someone should look into that.)

since the man page calls this an "experimental feature", i guess that
means i should ask about it on the devel list.

i'm using gpg 1.2.4

there are a few things about generating keys in batch mode that seem odd
to me....

* the "%pubring" and "%secring" control statements both seem limited to
creating files in the current directory. any directory paths as arguments
are silently ignored. placing the argument inside of double or single
quotes produces an error.

* files are created with liberal permissions:
	$ ls -l seckey.sec
	-rw-r--r--  1 alpha  alpha  2475 May 10 22:24 seckey.sec

* if a file (or STDIN) specifies making multiple keys, it seems that the
file remains empty until the whole job is done. shouldn't gpg be writing
the new keys to file(s) as keys are being created?


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