--list-keys and --show-keyring

Andreas John ajgpgml at tesla.inka.de
Sun May 23 13:53:41 CEST 2004


The manpage of GPG tells:

                 Causes  --list-keys,   --list-public-keys,   and
                 --list-secret-keys  to  display  the name of the
                 keyring a given key resides  on.  This  is  only
                 useful when you're listing a specific key or set
                 of keys. It has no effect when listing all keys.

Why is it not inactive when listing all keys?
Is it because a key might be present in different keyrings at the same time and thus would be listed twice (and stupid programs would break)?
Then, why not allow when using "--expert" or something.
If some program is interessted in that information, why only reveal it the long and hard way?


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