Embedded filenames and --status-fd

Andreas John ajgpgml at tesla.inka.de
Sun May 23 13:42:33 CEST 2004


I've played around a bit with GPG and aim to integrate some file-decoding mechanism into my program using GPG.

Well, to put it short: I'm interessted in the embedded filename of a decrypted file (possibly set with "--set-filename" to hide a real filename when sent as attachment "gpg.asc"), unfortunately the only way to get the embedded filename from an encrypted file seems to be "-v" and parse the verbose infostrings printed then (with the additional complexity of them being strings possibly be translated to different languages?).

So I'd like to know if it's possible (say, if not already done, for 1.2.5?) to add a status-fd-message showing this information when decrypting? Maybe only show when "--use-embedded-filename" is specified at the command-line if you fear to break some programs relying on the --status-fd as it currently is.

I've seen that even "--enable-progress-filter" won't show the embedded filename (and it even clips the filename after a fixed amount of chars (a bit too small I'd say)).

I'd also like to see an special option "--list-embedded-filenames [files]", as I don't think that "--list-only --decrypt-files [files]" can serve this need).


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