multiple file signing oddness

Nicholas Cole npcole at
Sun May 23 18:53:29 CEST 2004

 --- David Shaw <dshaw at> wrote: 
> Very interesting.  That's not ideal since the syntax
> that is used to
> generate the sigfile should be usable to verify the
> sigfile.
> Changing it in 1.2.x is not a good idea as it may
> break some
> assumptions and/or scripts, but I'll fix it for
> 1.3.x.

Dear David,

Thanks for looking in to that.  I am right that there
is nothing in the signature itself to tell a recipient
in which order the files were signed, am I?  In that
case should gpg 'search' for an order in which the
files verify, or would that add too much overhead?

Best, N.

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