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On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Moritz Schulte wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 11:50:00AM -0500, Atom 'Smasher' wrote:
>> let's say you get an email from "bob". you go to the keyservers and 
>> find several keys that claim to belong to bob, but you're not sure 
>> which one(s) are currently in use, or even which one ~really~ belongs 
>> to bob (none of the keys are signed). this header ads a _convenience_ 
>> (that shouldn't be considered secure!) to determine what key bob is 
>> using.
> Well, yes.  As i tried to clarify in my first mail: the information, 
> which makes most sense to me, is the key ID.  They key ID is something, 
> which cannot be derived from the mail, in case it is not signed.

the "url" seems to be of general interest. for the sake of v3 keys and/or 
paranoid persons, the other fields seem to be of interest to people.

>> if this header is adopted as a standard, it could also allow MUAs to 
>> import a key when replying (but it must be understood that it's a 
>> convenience that may not be secure).
> Well.  gpg does that for me:
> moritz at sarkutty:~/.gnupg $ grep auto gpg.conf
> # auto-key-retrieve = automatically fetch keys as needed from the keyserver
> keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve

that only works if you're replying to a signed message.

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