How to use the function mpi_fromstr?

Michel Thrysøe saxon at
Thu Oct 14 15:19:24 CEST 2004

Hi everybody..

Can the function mpi_fromstr found in mpicoder.c can somehow be used to 
generate an mpi from a public in clear text produced by the --armor 
option in gnupg? and if so how to i convert the key to a format readable 
by the mpi_fromstr function

Currently im am looking for a way of using public key algorithms in the 
kernel and i found a kernel space conversion of parts of the gnupg lib. 
done by a security project found at "". 
This seems to be able to do the job i need execpt they use the function 
"MPI mpi_read_from_buffer(...)" to import a key in binary format, which  
is  currently not really pratical for me.

Thanks in advance


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