[gpgme] gpgme_data_seek error

micron micron at madlab.it
Thu Oct 14 15:05:44 CEST 2004

On Thursday 14 October 2004 11:54, Werner Koch wrote:
> Hmm, it works for me:
> There have been no changes in that area since 0.9.0.
> Your problem might be due to the use of a non-matching off_t size -
> see the manual section on Largefile support.

I'm using gpgme on a ppc (ibook G4) and I forget to try this code on a x86 
machine, I've always thought it was one of my mistakes... :)
But now it seems to be only a ppc bug, anybody can confirm it?

Here're my system informations:
sytem: ibook G4 running gentoo linux
gcc version 3.4.1 20040803 (Gentoo Linux 3.4.1-r3, ssp-3.4-2, pie-
gpgme 0.9

IMHO i think the we've to seek the error into this function (taken from 

gpgme_data_seek (gpgme_data_t dh, off_t offset, int whence)
  printf ("data seek\n");
  if (!dh)
      errno = EINVAL;
      return -1;
  if (!dh->cbs->read)
      errno = EOPNOTSUPP;
      return -1;
  return (*dh->cbs->seek) (dh, offset, whence);

This function doesn't fail into the first or the second if, so something must 
happen when we call "return (*dh->cbs->seek) (dh, offset, whence)". I wasn't 
unable to find the definition of  dh->cbs->seek function so I'm unable to 
tell something more useful...

What do you think?


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