gpg-1.3.91: gpg{,v}.info files

Christian Cornelssen ccorn at
Sun Oct 17 12:01:58 CEST 2004


For the 1.3.91 release, install-info complains about the direntry
lines in doc/gpg{,v}.info; it seems that the docbook2texi setup
has changed:

--- gnupg-1.2.6/doc/gpg.texi    Fri Aug 13 18:40:20 2004
+++ gnupg-1.3.91/doc/gpg.texi   Fri Oct 15 11:31:48 2004
@@ -1,28 +1,28 @@
 \input texinfo
- at c This Texinfo document has been automatically generated by
- at c docbook2texi from a DocBook documentation.  The tool used
- at c can be found at:
- at c <URL:>
- at c Please send any bug reports, improvements, comments,
- at c patches, etc. to Steve Cheng <steve at>.
- at dircategory GnuPG
+ at documentencoding us-ascii
-* gpg: (gpg).                         GnuPG encryption and
signing tool.
+* gpg: .                        encryption and signing tool
 @end direntry


Christian Cornelssen
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