GPG file format

Markus Bauer mc_mc_mc at
Thu Oct 21 21:06:46 CEST 2004


Sorry that I post here now but I've already posted to the users list but could not get any information.

I have an over-formatted hard drive (14GB) here containing a 130MB gpg file.

I think the chance is small to find any blocks of the GPG file.

But I'd like to know if there's somewhere a file specification. Do gpg files have a signature or a magic-string so that I may find a gpg file?

And is the whole 130MB file encrypted at once or is it encrypted in "blocks" so that I may have the chance to recover at least a few blocks?

If a gpg file is divided into blocks: Does each block have a "header" so that I may identify a GPG block?

I hope there's anyone who could provide me with information about the file format...

Thank you very much


PS: Sorry for writing OT but I do not know where to search. I aksed in the users-list and searched the web but I could not find anything


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