Minimal GnuPG-processable File

Michael Halcrow mike at
Thu Sep 2 23:19:27 CEST 2004

I just ran gpg through gdb and watched how it broke up packets, so I
think I understand the process and file format well enough at this
point.  It looks like the session key is just derived from the
passphrase.  In OpenPGP, is there a way to specify a different session
key, and have the key itself be encrypted by a key derived from the
passphrase?  If I have several tag 3 packets encapsulating tag 11
packets concatenated together (to support random access), will GnuPG
just know to use the most recent session key for each of the packets,
or will it expect a separate tag 3 packet for each tag 11 packet?  If
I use the _CONSOLE filename for each tag 11 packet, will GPG simply
dump out a concatenation of the contents of each packet (so one can do
gpg -d file.gpg > file)?  Again, I'll figure all this out on my own
soon enough, but any comments would be helpful.

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