Using GPG Keys for the Kerberos Users Identification

Kate Aniket Pundlik aniketpkate at
Fri Sep 3 09:04:51 CEST 2004

       I am a  Computer Science graduate student at IIT Bombay, India. 
Due to our interest in Kerberos and PGP, my team is thinking of doing 
the project "Using GPG Keys for the Kerberos Users Identification". But 
we have lots of doubts about these like
            Which API or library of GnuPG to be used or can be more 
suitable ?
             How to make use this for pratical purpose ?

Can any body guide us how to go about that ?

Is it the right forum to ask this ?
If not them please guide us where to go ?

Thanks in advance.
Aniket Kate,
MTech - I,
India -76

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