Problems finding keyring with GnuPGME

mconahan at mconahan at
Tue Apr 12 16:12:03 CEST 2005

Hi everyone,

   I created a Linux application that uses GnuPGME.  The app is started 
by a server process, and as a result is having troubles accessing PGP 
keyrings.  This is probably a permissions thing, as I installed GnuPG as 
the root user; the API (GnuPGME) is probably looking for the keyring at 

FYI, if I run my app as root on the command line, everything works fine; 
however, I need to start this process with a server.
I am currently looking at three options: 1) update the GnuPGME keyring 
functions that I use to allow me to specify arbitrary keyrings of my 
choice, 2) investigate what user process is running my app, and create a 
home directory for it with keyrings and all, or 3)investigate if there 
is some undocumented function  in GnuPGME that I can use to help me 
specify the keyring of my choice.

Any help/advice provided by anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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