gpgme_op_sign failed: Unknown system error

Igor Belyi gpgme at
Wed Apr 13 18:43:19 CEST 2005

folkert at wrote:

>My program gives me when doing gpgme_op_sign: Unknown system error
>what could that be?
>Using library 1.0.2
I think you need to be more specific. As far as I know this error 
message means that error code you feed into gpgme_strerror is either 
unknown or GPG_ERR_UNKNOWN_ERRNO. If it's the former one then there 
could be a incompatibility between GPGME and installed GPG - for example 
GPGME attempts to return a newer error code than GPG knows about. If the 
later - the error comes from GPG but I'm not that familiar with GPG 

I would recomend to get the exact error code return from gpgme_op_sign 
and then manually feed it into gpg-error utility. Such error codes 
usually contain source of the error besides the error itself.

Hope it helps,

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