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harry_b at mm.st harry_b at mm.st
Mon Apr 25 10:00:18 CEST 2005

Hi everybody,

I am trying to get around the lacking feature of gpgme to tell me for which 
keys a message has been encrypted for.

I am running gpg 1.4.0 on Debian unstable.

I thought, that 'gpg --list-only filename' should give me all keys, a 
message was encrypted for. Unfortunately, this seems not to include my own 

If a message is encrypted for several recipients, it lists all except my 
own keys. If its encrypted for myself only, it doesn't list anything at all.

Do I miss something here? Can I somehow get ALL keys?



1024D/40F14012 18F3 736A 4080 303C E61E  2E72 7E05 1F6E 40F1 4012

Version: 3.12
GIT/S dx s: a C++ ULS++++$ P+++ L+++$ !E W++ N+ o? K? !w !O !M
V PS+ PE Y? PGP+++ t+ 5-- X+ R+ !tv b++ DI++ D+ G e* h r++ y++
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