Problems receiving a key

Frank Wein mcsmurf at
Sat Aug 6 12:59:04 CEST 2005

i think i found a problem (or maybe a bug? not sure :) when i want to
receive a key from a keyserver. I use GnuPG 1.4.2 on Windows, no
firewall installed. I try to get a public key from a keyserver via
"gpg.exe --keyserver --recv-keys
0xA70E6FCB". Well i press enter and wait and wait and... :-). I started
Ethereal and noticed this: First it makes this HTTP Request
GET /pks/lookup?op=get&options=mr&search=0xA70E6FCB HTTP/1.0

Then it gets back the first packet (which is until "3HZST") and the
"packet" following it comes up in Ethereal with the flags FIN,ACK, "[TCP
Previous segment lost]" and "[A segment before this frame was lost]". 
Then my PC responds with some ACK again and that's it, gpg seems to be
waiting forever for some further data? If i open the URL
via a webbrowser with HTTP 1.0, it works. It seems to me some flags of
the TCP packets (the ACK one) might be wrong, but then i need to
complain on the MinGW Mailinglist?


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