gpg-agent env-vars

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Aug 12 14:15:02 CEST 2005

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 13:37:38 +0200, Thomas Zander said:

> I was thinking that if ssh-agent would write a standardised file with the 
> env-variables it now prints on stdout; the various clients could read 
> that file.

What about:

  @item --write-env-file @var{file}
  @opindex write-env-file
  Often it is required to connect to the agent from a process not being an
  inferior of @command{gpg-agent} and thus the environment variable with
  the socket name is not available.  To help setting up those variables in
  other sessions, this option may be used to write the information into
  @var{file}.  The format is suitable to be evaluated by a Bourne shell
  like in this simple example:
  eval `cat @var{file}`
  eval `cut -d= -f 1 < @var{file} | xargs echo export`
  @end example

I use  ~/.gpg-agent-info as file name.  Its there since 1.9.17.



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