setenv in assuan-pipe-connect.c

Martin Traviolia martin.traviolia at
Wed Aug 31 22:59:31 CEST 2005

I am building libassuan-0.6.10 on Solaris 9 using Sun's 5.6 C compiler.
In the file "assuan-pipe-connect.c" is a call to "setenv" which is not
available on Solaris 9.

The section of code in question is

/* We store our parents pid in the environment so that the
   execed assuan server is able to read the actual pid of the
   client. The server can't use getppid becuase it might have
   been double forked before the assuan server has been
   initialized. */

setenv ("_assuan_pipe_connect_pid", mypidstr, 1);

execv (name, argv);


Looking at the Single UNXI Specification Version 2 the portable, but
non-reentrant, call is "putenv".  Otherwise, one would need to copy from
"extern char** environ;" and use "execve".

Since Solaris is not a supported platform this may not be worth changing.

I think I can safely comment it out as I just need gpg-agent.

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