Build problem: GnuPG 1.4.1rc1 on MinGW/MSYS /Windows 98

galaxian67 galaxian67 at
Fri Feb 4 05:26:28 CET 2005

When attempting to build GnuPG 1.4.1rc1 on Windows 98
under MinGW/MSYS, make failed near the end (during the
final dearmor stuff) with message :"The GPG.EXE file
is linked to missing export

The SHGetFolderPath call is made in g10/misc.c

I've done some checking and found that SHGetFolderPath
is found in shell32.dll under Windows 2000, but under
Windows 98 its found in shfolder.dll

After adding -lshfolder to the "LDADD =" line in
g10/Makefile, GnuPG compiled without the fatal error
and passed all 25 checks.

Maybe a check should be done for the OS and the proper
file linked accordingly.

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