Import/export of GnuPG keys w/ OpenSSL

Michael Halcrow mike at
Thu Feb 10 22:03:53 CET 2005

I am writing a cryptographic filesystem that I would like to integrate
with GnuPG keyrings.  To start out, I would like to grab RSA keypairs
from the GnuPG keyring, the private key via a PAM module (using the
login credential to decrypt the private key in that keyring) and the
public key via the request-key kernel callback function, store them in
OpenSSL key_st structs, and import them into the kernel keyring in
their PEM-encoded format (what you get from PEM_write_RSAPrivateKey).
I am hoping that there is a utility out there that will take the .gpg
key blocks and convert them into a set of RSA key blocks, each of
which is importable with OpenSSL functions like
PEM_read_RSAPrivateKey.  Unless there is a more straightforward way to
go about doing this (I am always open to suggestions).

                         Michael A. Halcrow                          
       Security Software Engineer, IBM Linux Technology Center       
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