small bugs and a small fix (1.4.1rc2 cvs)

Stephan Beyer s-beyer at
Sun Feb 27 15:41:47 CET 2005


> > But I still have a question:
> > What is that keyword stuff for? (I asked indirectly in my last mail.)
> It's actually part of two different things.  First, it is used when
> using the --command-fd interface, so the program on the other side of
> the pipe knows what question is being asked.  Second, it is used in
> the built-in help system so the right help message is displayed (see
> helptext.c).

Ah, I see. So my patch is not really usable, because the keyword is       
generated dynamically depending on the uid. GnuPG is much more complex
than I thought ;)

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