[Patch] internatinal domain names for email addresses

Thomas Kuehne thomas-gmane at kuehne.cn
Fri Jan 7 07:57:57 CET 2005

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Thu, 06 Jan 2005 21:13:06 +0100, Thomas Kuehne said:
>>Nevertheless user input needs to be normalized.
> GnuPG expects uft-8 and print utf-8 so there is no need for messing
> around with the strings.  --charset is just a convenience thing until
> utf-8 is really deployes everywhere (20 years or so from now).

It's not the question of what character set to use (Unicode encoded in
UTF-8) but the consequences of Unicode.

| This document describes specifications for four normalized forms of
| Unicode text. With these forms, equivalent text (canonical or
| compatibility) will have identical binary representations. When
| implementations keep strings in a normalized form, they can be assured
| that equivalent strings have a unique binary representation.

Currently no normalization is checked and as a consequence "equivalent
text" isn't garanteed to be recognized by strcmp.

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