[gpgme] gpgme_data_seek error

thstit03 at fht-esslingen.de thstit03 at fht-esslingen.de
Sat Jan 15 11:23:32 CET 2005

Hi Folks,

using gpgme_data_rewind() works fine, but replacing it with
gpgme_data_seek() does not work.

What I do is:
1. creating a gpgme_data_t variable
2. using gpgme_data_new to gpgme-create it
3. gpgme_data_write to fill it
4. gpgme_data_seek/gpgme_data_rewind the variable to be able to read from
it [gpgme_data_seek(variable, 0, SEEK_SET) / gpgme_data_rewind(variable)]

Using gpgme_data_rewind(): All works fine.
Using gpgme_data_seek(): First run is ok, in the second run
gpgme_data_seek() fails with EINVAL "Invalid argument".

Because gpgme_data_rewind() is just calling gpgme_data_seek(), I don't
understand where the problem is?!

Thanks for helping,

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