BUG(configure): "--without-included-zlib" behaves OPPOSITELY

Norihiko Murase skeleten at shillest.net
Sat Jan 15 19:49:32 CET 2005


I found the bug in the configure script when I executed it
for building GnuPG-1.2.6. This bug remains also in the
version 1.2.7.

The '--without-included-zlib' configure option does behave
OPPOSITELY (just like '--with-included-zlib'). If I specify
this option '--without-included-zlib' explicitly, then it
shows the following:
checking whether included zlib is requested... yes

The option '--without-included-zlib' should NOT set GnuPG to
use the zlib in gnupg-1.2.6/zlib regardless of the default.

For the time being, we can avoid this behavior by applying
the following patch:
----------(cut here)----------
--- configure.orig	Wed Aug 25 23:48:25 2004
+++ configure	Mon Dec  6 03:51:26 2004
@@ -2187,7 +2187,7 @@
 # Check whether --with-included-zlib or --without-included-zlib was given.
 if test "${with_included_zlib+set}" = set; then
-  g10_force_zlib=yes
+  g10_force_zlib="$withval"
----------(cut here)----------

Norihiko Murase <skeleten at shillest.net>

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