[1.4.0] hidden recipient vs. ID 00000000

Janos.Farkas-lists+priv-#RVXrkLgxX70*-gpg-dev at lists.xeon.eu.org Janos.Farkas-lists+priv-#RVXrkLgxX70*-gpg-dev at lists.xeon.eu.org
Thu Jan 27 16:23:51 CET 2005


Apparently not too many use the -R option (for hidden recipient):

> gpg --version
gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.0

> echo|gpg -eR `whoami`|gpg
gpg: anonymous recipient; trying secret key XXXXXXXX ...
gpg: okay, we are the anonymous recipient.
gpg: encrypted with 1312-bit RSA key, ID 00000000, created 1998-02-09
      "Werner Koch <wk at isil.d.shuttle.de>"

I guess that no ID is signified by the id zero in some place, which is
seemingly "allocated" by a friend of us ;)

Nevertheless, I was surprised when opening such a file almost claimed it
was destined to Werner...

Is this worthy to put on the bug list?

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