Kmail and Crypto Error

Colby DeRodeff colby at
Mon Jan 31 20:52:18 CET 2005

Hi I just upgrade to the latest version of kde and Kmail looking forward to 
the inclusion of the Ägypten Project work. So I have gpg 1.4 and the latest 
kmail (1.7.2) the problem I am having is that when I try to select the 
signing key as soon as I click the button the whole application crashes and I 
get the following output on the command line:

Kleo::ProgressBar::startStopBusyTimer() cur = -1; tot = 0; real = -1
(new value) switch to reset
Kleo::ProgressBar::setTotalSteps( 0 )
kmail: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Colby DeRodeff GCIA, GSNA
Sr. Security Engineer
Content Team @ ArcSight Inc.
colby at
ph (408) 864-2647

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