GnuPG 1.9.16/17 (S/MIME and gpg-agent) , importing pkcs12 fails: Invalid digest algorithm

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jun 21 14:05:39 CEST 2005

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:17:37 +0200, thomas schorpp said:

> using the certmngr, only one way with button "backup", a passphrase to
> encrypt the private key must be supplied then.
> a pkcs12 file is created.

Ah you were talking about a private key - I have not checked this for
a long time.  Will do so later.

> schorpp at tom1:~/data/tcom$ gpg-agent --daemon
> GPG_AGENT_INFO=/tmp/gpg-xXQRRa/S.gpg-agent:14368:1; export GPG_AGENT_INFO;

  The usual way to run the agent is from the @code{~/.xsession} file:
  eval `gpg-agent --daemon`
  @end example

Note, the eval to get the stuff into your environment.  Another and
probably more elegant way is by using a new option:

  gpg-agent --daemon --write-env-file $HOME/.gpg-agent-info

and then sourcing this file.  This makes it pretty easy to carry the
information to other sessions by adding for example

[ -f "$HOME/.gpg-agent-info" ] && . "$HOME/.gpg-agent-info"

to your .bashrc or .profile.  While we are at it:  What I am using is
a script named ssh-agent:

  exec /usr/local/bin/gpg-agent --daemon \
       --write-env-file $HOME/.gpg-agent-info \
       --enable-ssh-support "$@"

which replaces the orginal ssh-agent.  The only drawback is that it
won't work with ssh 1 keys - but I doubt that they are still in wide



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