SmartCard: Encryption/Decryption problem

Werner Koch wk at
Thu May 5 10:49:18 CEST 2005

On Wed, 04 May 2005 21:12:23 +0200, Georg C F Greve said:

> I this still in kernel or already in GnuPG?

I don't assume that the kernel currupts data.  So the problem is
either in gpg or in the reader.

> Who would have to analyse this?

I did extensive code staring and could not find a problem in my code.
Given that I don't have any problems when using a reader with an
updated firmware, I am pretty sure that it is the reader's fault.

To develop a workaround for the readers with non-updatable firmware, I
need to talk with the vendor.  What _might_ help is to limit the packet
size even further.  In g10/ccid-driver.c, look for

      DEBUGOUT ("enabling workaround for buggy SCM readers\n");
      handle->max_ifsd = 48;

and change the ifsd to 45.



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