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Mon May 9 15:55:17 CEST 2005

Hi Brian,

* Brian Gough <bjg at> [2005-05-07 12:22:17 +0100]:

> - - Section 2.2. Required Hardware
> SCM card readers can be purchased online in the UK from 

Ok, I added this shop in the FAQ section. 


> - - Section 2.3.1. CCID (Chip Card Interface Description)
> The hotplug package in Debian stable requires all the numbers in
> gnupg-ccid.usermap to have a 0x prefix, otherwise it gives an
> "unparseable line" error and the 

Can you sent me your files, then I'll put them online for Debian user,
who are using stable, and put a note into the howto.


> Initially I tried installing the pcsc packages to get rid of the
> error.  Could be worth adding a note that these are not needed for USB
> readers.

Hm, I should also again test it with pcscd. 

Two questions; Are you using GnuPG 1.4.1? And what kernel version are
you using?

With best wishes,

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