sigsuspend during gpgme_engine_check_version

Tyler Retzlaff rtr at
Wed May 18 10:16:33 CEST 2005

Максим Зиналь wrote:
> Tyler Retzlaff wrote:

> The lockup occured at execv() call, which is not a normal situation.
> Perhaps your Linux system has an old threading library (LinuxThreads?)
> which doesn't work quite well for complex application, especially
> with complex signal handling code. Try testing your code with
> magical `LD_ASSIME_KERNEL=2.2.5`. Also consider testing it on a
> modern Linux distribution with NPTL support.

indeed you were correct, I didn't look as close at that backtrace as I
thought I had I tried the same code on a newer userland & kernel and
it works fine.  Thanks for the help.

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>   Max Zinal.
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